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Neddy House


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Neddy House, 1663, is one of the most attractive houses in the village of Grinton. The name probably comes from it being a Nether or Low Hall.

The barn on the south side of Neddy House was originally an attached cottage. It has now been made part of Neddy House during the major renovation necessitated by the re-building of the unsafe front of the house.

A new owner found that the front wall was leaning outwards and all renovation was stopped and structural scaffolding put in place to support it. After very prolonged discussions with the various authorities as it is a listed building, permission was given to re-build the front wall. The front wall was carefully dismantled and rebuilt so the house’s appearance was unchanged.

Photographs taken during this rebuilding are shown below.

For very many years this was the home of John Raw.

He regularly went shopping in Reeth, coming back with it in a box on the board at the back.

The date stone over the door shows 1663 and the initials GH and FH (?)

The central chimney stack is very weathered. It carries the wording '1665. God save the King' to commemorate the restoration of Charles II in 1660. The 'N' and 'G' are carved sideways!

The renovation was very interesting in the way it revealed how stone buildings were constructed.

Many of the Dales' houses are built of stone. The construction may be seen here - two outer walls of shaped stones with lime mortar and the centre of packed smaller stones acting as the equivalent of the modern cavity wall.

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Neddy House is now a holiday let. It has 5 bedrooms and sleeps 12. Details